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We have decided to sell all of our goats so both of our does are for sale.  Nubian goats are dual purpose milk and meat goats. We recently decided to expand into Nubians because of the milk flavor, large milk capacity, and meat production.  We have been fortunate start our Nubian line with a beautiful Nubian doe from Caprine Lake Nubians in Aumsville, Oregon.  Caprine Lake Nubians have been breeding for large, powerful does with structurally correct mammaries since 1998.  Caprine Lake Nubians have does with high udders in the rear with strong medials, and good teat size and placement. One the biggest draws to their Nubians was the long, heavy lactation curve as can be seen in SG Little-Bic;s Iliad, grand dam to my Iris, who was listed as a top 10 milker in the United States by ADGA. We will be breeding to bucks from South House Farms who have also been focusing on breeding quality animals for years.  Bucks for breeding are pictured below along with our first Nubian doe, Iris.

Mini Jewells Queen Amedala -  SOLD

Purebred Nubian Goat

ADGA#  N1594517     DOB: 04/03/2012    
Purebred Nubian Doe

Red, Silver Ears, Splash on Both Sides       Disbudded     
  Sire: Loveland FO Obi-Wan Kenobuck 
         ss:  CH Loveland GP Faithful Oden
*B Goldthwaithe Pecos
1*M SG Heritage-Song Hope's Faith
         sd:  Jacobs Pride Olivia Newton Doe
*B Wingwood Farm TZ Zapata
Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe

  Dam: Caprine Lake JC Iris Jr
         ds:  Caprine Lake Jack of Clubs    
             dss: Caprine Lake ESC Silverado
             dsd:  Caprine Lake Illusive
         dd:  Caprine Lake EXP Iris 
             dds:  Lakeshore-Farms Ace Expedia 
             ddd:  2*M SG Little-Bic's Illiad
Amedala is a terrific yearling doe. Taking after her dam, she is very long bodieds, moothly blended shoulder, deep bodied and nice angles. Her udder attachment is extends well forward and her rear attachment is high. She milks approximately 1 gallon a day (1/2 gallon on a once a day milking while the buckling gets the rest during the day). She takes her dam's best qualities and builds them. Her buckling from this year was a stunning big boy that could win in a show ring. We no longer show our goats since we have decided to focus on the dairy portion of our farm.

Caprine Lake JC Iris Jr. - SOLD

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goat 

ADGA#  N1523070      DOB: 5/13/2010     
Purebred Nubian Doe

Red, Silver Ears, Splash on Both Sides       Disbudded     
  Sire:  Caprine Lake Jack of Clubs  
         ss:  Caprine Lake ESC Silverado 
                sss:  +*B Lakeshore-Farms E Excalade
                ssd:  SG Little-Bic's Shelbey's Secret
         sd:  Caprine Lake Illusive
                sds:  +*B Lakeshore-Farms E Excalade
                sdd:  3*M GCH Caprine Lake Illianna
  Dam: Caprine Lake EXP Iris 
         ds:  Lakeshore-Farms Ace Expedia    
             dss: ++*B SG Kastdemur's At Your Service
             dsd: 1*M SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Hearts Extasia
         dd:   2*M SG Little-Bic's Illiad
             dds:  ++*B Little-Bic's Cinn-A-Bar
             ddd:  1*M SG Little-Bic's Femme Fatale

Iris is a long bodied Nubian doe with lots of dairy character and good angles. Her top line is straight (for a Nubian), legs are correct with a natural square stance, and her shoulder assembly blends naturally into the neck line.  Iris is a triplet from the second freshening.

Iris's dam had triplets on her first and second freshenings. Her dam currently milks 1.5 gallons a day with her second freshening.  Her grand dam, Little-Bic's Illiad was a top 10 milker in the United States, according to ADGA, topping out at 3,390 gallons of milk with 266 days of milking in a single year.  She will be bred to one of South House Farm's Bucks - pictures shown below.


OWNED BY Susan and David Rigdon
Flos Minimus Excalibur Phineas

ADGA#  N1622201    DOB: 02/26/2012

Brown Black Trim Frosted Ears     Disbudded       Purebred Nubian Buck

sire:  *B Lakeshore DL Excalibur
    ss:  ++*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke     
    sd:  1*M SGCH Lakeshore Farms Hearts Extasia
dam:   PHF Cassiopeia
    ds:  Hittle Acres LF Ace Status
    dd:  PHF Star
Buck used for 2013 kids.

OWNED BY Susan and David Rigdon
Caprine Lake Triton
Nubian Buck Goat Picture

Nubian Buck pictured at 7 months old.

ADGA#  N1534495    DOB: 02/23/2010 

 Red White Star, Silver Ears, Splashed on both Sides     Disbudded       Purebred Nubian Buck

sire:  Caprine Lake Prince of Persia
    ss:  +*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill        
    sd:  SG Caprine Lake XP Lorene
dam:  Caprine Lake FD Love's Desire
    ds:  +*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure
    dd:  Jacobs Pride Bernie's 1st Love


Buck used for 2013 kids.

OWNED BY South House Farms
Loveland FO Obi-Wan Kenobuck 
Nubian Goat Buck Picture
Nubian Buck at 5 months old.

ADGA#  Waiting on Papers    DOB: 2010   

 Red      Disbudded       Purebred Nubian Buck

sire:  CH Loveland GP Faithful Oden
    ss:  *B Goldthwaithe Pecos
         sss:  *B Saada Winter Wise Nicodemus
         ssd:  3*M SGCH Goldthwaithe Maya
    sd:  1*M SG Heritage-Song Hope's Faith
         sds: +*B SGCH Goldthwaithe Black Tie Affair
         sdd:  Heritage-Song Hope
dam:  Jacobs Pride Oliva Newton Doe
    ds:    *B Wingwood Farm TZ Zapata
         dss: +*B  SG Wingwood Farm KR Tuscany
         dsd:  3*M SGCH Wingwood Farm KR LA Linda
    dd:  Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe
          dds: +*B SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer
          ddd:  9*M SGCH Jacobs Pride Blonde Bombshell


Sire of Queen Amedala