Alpine Dairy Goats in Missouri at Mini Jewells Goat Farm

Alpine Goat Pictures in Field

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We no longer raise Alpine goats.  We now have Nubian goats.

When we started looking at goat breeds, Alpine Goats stood out as one of the goat breeds that would meet our needs.  We wanted goats that would make terrific show goats while at the same time providing our family with high quality, delicious tasting milk. Color was also an issue. My daughter wanted "pretty goats" of all colors. Again, Alpines met the requirements. Alpine dairy goats are an alert, graceful breed with upright ears.  Alpines can be any color, are of medium to large size, and have excellent milk production. Once we settled on Alpine goats, we had to find a breeder. We chose Joan Wilcox of Columbia, Missouri. Joan is an experienced goat breeder, producing eight Permanent Grand Champions from her herd. 

Does or bucks become Permanent Champions (identified by a CH in front of the goats name) when they have won "Grand Champion" in at least three separate ADGA sanctioned shows. The goats become Permanent Grand Champions (GCH) if they have met ADGA milk requirements in addition to a Permanent Championship (CH).  Bucks earn their Grand Championship (GCH) when they are Permanent Champions (CH) and their progeny or parents have met ADGA milk production requirements. The designation of * or + refers to meeting ADGA milk requirements for star milkers.

Wind Shine Maiden Voyage

French Alpine Dairy Goat at 3 years old.
For more pictures of Maiden, see her page.

ADGA# A1452847       DOB: 7/7/2008    

 Chamoisee       Disbudded       French Alpine

sire:  Timshel Dynomite Blast LA 82 (+++)
    ss:  Belle-Oak Duece Dynomite
         sss:  Belle-Oak PRS  Duece LA 88 (VEE)
         ssd:  Milk-N-Honey DP Pepsi 9*M FS 91 (EEEE)
    sd:  Timshel TF Nirvana
         sds: +*B SG Emperor Teton Tonto LA 87 (+EE)
         sdd:  *B Stumphollow D&B Faberge  LA 90 (EEEV)
dam:   CH Sweetbriar KAR Maiden Pink LA 90 (EEEV)
    ds:  GCH +*B Nodaway Sly Karnak   (VEE)
         dss:  GCH ++*B Nodaway Dragon Slayer    LA  92 (EEE)
         dsd:  GCH Nodaway Michael Kismet 4*M  LA 90 (VEEE)
    dd:  GCH The Levi's Merry Lit'l Thistle 1*M  LA 80 (AVEA)
          dds:  +*B Bayview JD Validate    LA 86 (V+V)
          ddd:  Bennie Soit Buttercup Delight

ADGA Show Record

Maiden was our first doeling born on the farm!!  She broke her left hind leg at 1 month old and unfortunately the break broke the growth plate. She will remain as a "brood" goat but will no longer be shown. Maiden placed 2nd (due to the short leg) in both ADGA shows in which she was shown in 2009.  We were very pleased with the judges comments and can't wait to see what she produces in the future.


CAM-COO Phantom of  the Field
American Alpine Goat  - Buck pictured at 25 months old
We have more pictures of Phantom on his own page.

ADGA# AA1442850       DOB: 4/21/2009      

 Cou Clair      Disbudded      American  Alpine

sire:  O'Neal-Farms Absolute
          ss:  *B Nixon's Showy Wrangler
                 sss:  +B Nixon's Enduring Showman
                 ssd:  1*M Nixon's Enduring Sunshine
          sd:  O'Neal-Farms Anneliese
                 sds:  *B Sweetbriar Kar Baron
                 sdd:  O'Neal-Farms Jennifer  
dam:  Cam-Coo's Something Grand
           ds:  *B Sweetbriar Kar Baron
                 dss:  ++*B Nodaway Sly Karnak
                 dsd:  7*M Sweetbriar DM Acadia
           dd:  GCH 3*M O'Neal-Farms Something Special
                 dds:  *B Chateau Briant's Le Voyager
                 ddd:  2*M Havners Special Holiday

A Few Notes

Phantom won Grand Champion Alpine Buck in Ring Two at he Mo-Kan 2011 Goat show in Sedalia, Missouri. We are so excited about Phantom. He has beautiful straight lines, a nice uphill build, smooth shoulder assembly, and deep wide body. His sire won Best of Breed when was under one years of age. Not only is Phantom a gorgeous goat but he has a nice temperament.  Nearly all dams in his pedigree are star milkers. His dam was never tested.


   Hard-Scrapple HC Wisdom - SOLD
American Alpine Dairy Goat Picture"
American Alpine Dairy Goat
Won Grand Champion at Boone Triple Crown
For more pictures of Wisdom, see her page.

ADGA#  AA1425324      DOB: 4/23/2006

Sundgau       Disbudded      American Alpine
  Sire: +*B GCH Hard-Scrapple CHL Trumpet    
         ss:  ++*B GCH Sweetbriar KAR Blackjack  92 EEE  
 ++*B GCH Nodaway Sly Karnak
                ssd:  7*M GCH Sweetbriar DM Acadia
         sd:  2*M SGCH Hard Scrapple CCH Lizzie 91 EEEV
                sds:  +*B Bayview JD Vlidate
                sdd:  1*M Hard Scrapple Heather
  Dam: Hard-Scrapple RH Chari "T"   
         ds:  Sweetbriar MAG Shaman    
             dss: *B Kickapoo-Valley Blak Magi-Cal
             dsd:  CH Sweetbriar Kar Maiden Pink
 90 (EEEV)
         dd:  3*M Hard-Scrapple Hope  
             dds:  +*B Beniesoit Enfant Velveteen
             ddd:  2*M Hard-Scrapple Ep Brigadoon

         ADGA Sanctioned Show Record


First Show: MO-KAN 5/24/08
      1st Place Udder 2 Year Alpine Class
       3rd Place Doe in 2 Year Alpine Class
2nd Show: Boone Triple Crown  6/14/2008
       Won Reserve Champion.  21 Alpines
Third Show: Boone Triple Crown Jun 14, 2008
        Won Grand Champion. 21 Alpines 

First Show:
Boone Triple Crown 6/15/09
       Won Reserve Champion 
Second Show: Boone Triple Crown 6/15/09
      2nd Place in 3 Year Alpine Class
          (1st place doe won Grand Champion)

2010 - Not Shown



American Alpine Goat - Buck pictured at 2 months old
We have more pictures of Dust Devil on his own page.

ADGA# AA1535241.       DOB: 5/21/2010      

 Chamoise      Disbudded      American  Alpine

sire:  C-A-Star Robby Nipped My Patch
          ss:  +*B GCH Hard-Scrapple CHL Robspierrre
                 sss: ++*B Sweetbriar Kar Blackjack
                 ssd:  SGCH 2*M Hard Scrapple CCH Lizzie
          sd:  3*M C-A-Star Nippin Darla
                 sds:  *B C-A-Star Alyxander
                 sdd:  2*M C-A-Star Ally's Sunny Darla
dam:   CH Sweetbriar KAR Maiden Pink LA 90 (EEEV)
     ds:  GCH +*B Nodaway Sly Karnak   (VEE)
            dss:  GCH ++*B Nodaway Dragon Slayer    LA  92 (EEE)
            dsd:  GCH Nodaway Michael Kismet 4*M  LA 90 (VEEE)
     dd:  GCH The Levi's Merry Lit'l Thistle 1*M  LA 80 (AVEA)
            dds:  +*B Bayview JD Validate    LA 86 (V+V)
            ddd:  Bennie Soit Buttercup Delight

A Few Notes

Dust Devil has his dam's long, deep body and level top line. His shoulder assembly is good and his angles are strong. His dam was a awesome milker that has never done a milk test.  Her twin sister earned her star early with 14 pounds of milk recorded.  His show lines are well established. We will be keeping Dust Devil to breed to our doelings from 2011



SOLD   CH Sweetbriar KAR Maiden Pink
Alpine Dairy Goat Picture
French Alpine Dairy Goat

 ADGA# A1225041       DOB: 2/8/2002      LA 4-04 90 (EEEV)

 Chamoisee       Disbudded      French Alpine

sire:  GCH +*B Nodaway Sly Karnak   (VEE)
          ss:  GCH ++*B Nodaway Dragon Slayer    LA  92 (EEE)
                 sss:  ++*B Nodaway Moon Dragon    LA  87 (VVE)
                 ssd:  GCH Nodaway Sorcerer's Kibbitz 2*M  LA 92 (EEEE)
          sd:  GCH Nodaway Michael Kismet 4*M  LA 90 (VEEE)
                 sds:  +*B Abundance Concerto Michael  LA  84 (+E+)
                 sdd:  GCH Nodaway Amadeus Kandleinthewind 3*M   
dam:  GCH The Levi's Merry Lit'l Thistle 1*M  LA 80 (AVEA)
           ds:  +*B Bayview JD Validate    LA 86 (V+V)
                 dss:  SGCH +*B Bayview James Dean    LA 86 (+EE)
                 dsd:  GCH Bayview Lindsay 5*M    LA 87 (+EEV)
           dd:  Bennie Soit Buttercup Delight
                 dds:  *B Shady Grove Jumping Jack Flash    LA 67 (P++)
                 ddd:  Serendipity's Lowbleata Hope 1*M    LA 86 (VVE+)

               ADGA Show Record

Because we have just purchased "Pink" this year, I do not have her show history. I only have the shows that I we have taken her to and they are listed below beginning with First Show.

First Show:  Boone Triple Crown ADGA Sanctioned 7/14/08
       Won Best of Breed.  21 Alpines Competing  Ring One

Second Show: Boone Triple Crown ADGA Sanctioned 7/14/08
       Won Best of Breed.  21 Alpines Competing Ring Two

                             Milk Production

I have did not keep exact records but Pink produces approximately 1.5 gallons per day.  She continued that average until we dried her off for breeding.

Our first show with Pink and my son's first time in the show ring.  He was a little nervous but did alright.

Pinks udder after 6th freshening

Pink with her ADGA Best of Breed Ribbons.  A big day for us.

Our daughter is letting the world know
that had her babies. Pink is a great mom.